6 Reasons Why Total Recall is Totally Rad

Posted by | on August 23, 2008

Total Recall has long been my favorite movie of all time, let me tell you why…

Total Recall title image
This movie has it all; violence, extra breasts, mutants, girl fights, aliens, midgets…and at the time of its production, Total Recall boasted the largest authorized budget for a film produced by a Hollywood studio.

Here are my top reasons why Total Recall is Totally Rad:

Reason #6. Governor Arnold in Drag (Two Weeks!)

Scene from Total RecallThis is one of the awesome-est scenes in cinematic history.

Quaid (Arnold) is trying to be stealthy by dressing as a fat chick to get past security.

If I can’t get that face out of my head after 18 years, how stealthy could it be?  Watch the clip.

Reasons #5, #4 and #3 — Boobies

When I tell people that my favorite movie of all time is Total Recall, someone almost always makes mention of 3 boobs scene.
1-2-3 Ha Ha Ha
Everyone loves mutant boobies.

Reason #2. Violence

Total Recall Death ScenesAccording to The Warehouse there are 65 deaths in the movie, plus a rat, fish and Johny Cab.
I couldn’t be bothered to count and verify this number but check out this video from youtube that shows all the deaths from the movie.

Reason #1. Hooker Midget with Machine Gun

Yes!The number #1 reason why Total Recall is one of the best films of all time is: the scene with a hooker midget kicking ass with a machine gun.

Yes! Yes! Yes!
In all honesty, my main reason for writing this article was to post about the midget.

It happens so fast, just a few seconds on the screen, but come on: a midget hooker with a machine gun?

When will we ever see that combo again?? Click to view the scene.

More Total Recall

Trivia: The movie is based on the short story We Can Remember It for You Wholesale by Phillip K. Dick.

Also See: the Warehouse’s article about Total Recall

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