Top Ten Worst Animated Movies For Kids

Posted by | on September 18, 2008

Here’s a bumpy angst-filled ride through ten animated movies that I watched as a kid that totally messed me, and my friends up.

So I’m strolling through Courtney, BC’s Wal-Mart (which is much the same bleak wasteland as any other Wal-Mart), and I louie into the electronics section to see if they have Frampton Comes Alive! (they didn’t).

thinking about animated movies, kids, walmart, and the fate of DVDsI pass by the discount DVD racks, muse to myself about the parallels between DVD and Laserdisc, and happen to snag my eyes on a particularly enchanting animated movie featuring a cute little bunny on the cover. The movie is called Watership Down, and though the back cover features a decidedly non-Disney animation style, it appears to be a delightful, anthropomorphic romp through a summer field of morels and life-lessons… A perfect children’s movie.

Of course, if you happen to bring up the topic of Watership Down around Toni and Crystal’s friend Mar, you get a startlingly different view of these bunnies. After some shaking and possible foaming at the mouth, Mar will tell you in no uncertain terms that Watership Down‘s parade of on-screen horrors (that include: clawed combat, decapitation, evisceration, torture, and intimidation) are responsible for, “Messing Me Up !!!”

Hmmm…. maybe I won’t show this one to Chiara.

Cartoons have the power to captivate adolescent minds like no other form of media, and often shape children’s view of the world very subtly. Later in life we realize that our morel foundations are held up on the backs of such titans as He-Man, GIJoe, and The Toxic Crusaders! On the flip-side, cartoons also have the power to completely traumatize unsuspecting kids into mohawks, leather corsets, face-paint, and future employment in the service sector. Believe me, I know, it happened to me man.

Here’s a bumpy angst-filled ride through ten animated movies that I watched as a kid that totally messed me, and my friends up. Some of them pop up on Kids Channels all the time, others are the more late-night “Stay up late, and hope my parents don’t notice“-kinda experiences. In most cases I’ve come to appreciate and love each movie for their influences, artistic expressions and different perspectives on reality now that I’m a bit older, but back then man, it was some pretty freaky stuff. The gimpy bit is, you’ll find ‘em all down at Wal-Mart for a couple bucks in a package saturated in wholesome, feel-good images, designed to catch the attention of children. Kinda like The Shining done up like a romantic comedy.

Numba 10 – Transformers : The Movie (1986)

transformers 1986For years, the heroic Autobots have been a surrogate Saturday morning cartoon family to myself, and millions of children. Toy titans Hasbro (fascist creators of the Transformers) decided to release the movie to kick off the third, and radically different season of our favorite show, and promote their tie-in “All new, all different!” line of toys.

We flocked to theaters to witness the triumph of our beloved Autobots, only to witness a horrifying Sin City-style gunning down of our cartoon heroes. One by one, the Autobots are snuffed out at the cold iron hands of the evil Decepticons, culminating with Optimus Prime (the deep baritone of truth and justice himself) suffering fatal wounds in a brawl with his nemesis Megatron.

Hasbro received millions of letters from worried parents indicating that their children were displaying some serious wrist-slitting tendencies after viewing the movie. … oh, and to top it off, the post-movie toy line didn’t sell well. Nice.

Numba 9 – The Secret Of Nimh (1982)

Secret of NimhSteroid-injected, backyard-dwelling collectivist rats fight the forces of nature, house cats and each other to avoid extermination. Neat premise right ? Absolutely !

The only problem is these rats inherited some seriously dysfunctional inter-personal relationships from the humans they emulate. Our furry family spends a good portion of the movie arguing, uttering death threats, dropping houses on each other, and (literally) stabbing each other in the back.

Dark and complicated ideas swirl in this murky Shakespearian stew. I would have gotten seconds, but the main ingredient was rat’s blood.

Numba 8 – The Black Cauldron (1985)

Black Cauldron Cartoon MovieWhat begins as a pretty standard Lord Of The Rings-style fantasy flick spirals into a lesson in demon worship and Necromancy, and it’s a freakin Disney film !!!

Mickey Mouse and his gang swept this commercial failure into the cryogenic chamber with Walt so almost no-one remembers it. Those who do retain bits ‘n pieces usually shiver and describe the final scene as “Hell on Earth” as the evil antagonist The Horned King (best pornstar name ever!!!) raises an army of un-dead warriors from the earth under his castle.

Corpses bust forth, swords are swung, another generation loses touch with reality and the sales of candles, tarot cards and Dungeons ‘n Dragons dice skyrocket.

Numba 7 – The Devil and Daniel Mouse (1978)

Devil and Daniel MouseImagine the story of Keith Richard’s musical career fused with the plot of Faust, add a dash of Judeo-Christian iconography, and top it off with a morally-convoluted ending.

Now imagine all the main characters are talking mice.

This is the reason why I can’t understand religion… Right here !!!

An interesting nibblet : This flick was the inspiration for the animated rock opera Rock & Rule (1983) !!!

Numba 6 – The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (1996)

hunchbackHere’s another Disney movie straying into some darker, more mature concepts… errr, with singing Gargoyles of course.

The plot revolves around the disfigured yet heroic Quasimodo and his love for the gypsy Esmeralda. Along for the ride are a tall, blond slightly retarded soldier named Phoebus, an evil lecherous Judge named Frollo, and the aforementioned singing and dancing gargoyles.

It all seems like a great chance to tell a heartwarming tale of adventure, true love, and pixie dust right ? Yeaaaaah no.

I totally loved the Victor Hugo novel in High School, and expected the movie to pay at least a bit of lip-service to it. Instead, the characters are simplified, the motivations are caricatured, the ending is different and the story revolves around just about every character except the titular Hunchback.

We are treated to a song and dance routine about laughing at people who look different, another about how bad Frollo wants to rape Esmeralda, and an ending that teaches kids that no matter how much you try, if you’re ugly, you’ll never get the girl. This just isn’t the kind of story a Disney flick, and it’s audience, are equipped to deal with.

Numba 5 – Wizards (1977)

wizards movieAny of Ralph Bakshi’s films (ie. Heavy Traffic, Fritz The Cat) are candidates for this list, but I decided to go with Wizards ’cause it was the one I saw first.

In some fever dream of the far distant future, a magical Smurf uses the power of nature and naked faeries to combat the evil of Blackwolf, a heartless skeleton man and his army of Nazi mutants.

I’m so serious, this is the plot !!!

If this isn’t making any sense to you, believe me you aren’t alone. This now-cult movie is the earliest form of psychedelic drug I ever ingested, through my eyes. The parade of robots, mutations, elves, dwarfs, boobs, blood, free love and Adolf Hitler speeches are responsible for my overactive imagination, and my life-long case of cottonmouth.

Just bizarre.

Numba 4 – All Dogs Go To Heaven (1989)

all dogs goI saw this flick at camp one year when I was really young in a creaky wooden cabin equipped with an ancient reel-fed movie projector. If this little bit of nostalgia gives you the impression that it is a pleasant memory, you’re mistaken. I remember so much about my surroundings because I was desperate to look at something, anything, that wasn’t the movie. It was that scarring.

Lets go back a wee bit further : Someone in the late eighties believed it would be a lucrative to follow up the darling An American Tale movies with an animated lesson about death and the choices we make for the salvation of our souls (wha?). The mortal in this case is a dog named Charlie, the death he suffers is under the grill of a speeding car, his soul is a pocket watch he carries around after conning heaven’s angels to get back to earth, and his choice… whether to subtlety, or brutally kill his former gangster-dog buddies for orchestrating his death. Imagine a cross between Lady and The Tramp (1955), and The Crow (1994), but with singing, slapstick comedy, and New York accents tossed in to lighten the mood (it doesn’t work). This movie contains a scene where Charlie is tied to a ship’s anchor and his legs are gnawed on by the evil dog mobsters and some piranhas. It’s the first scene of movie torture I ever witnessed.

Numba 3 – Watership Down (1978)

watership downRichard Adam’s bleak novel about Rabbits searching for a promised land became a sensational movie in the late seventies.

Sensational for it’s beautiful, realistic art, it’s compelling mythos, fantastic soundtrack, and most of all, it’s unflinching depiction of life as a wild animal.

That means survival of the fittest baby!

Life as a rabbit sucks, it’s a life filled with fear, loss, and the threat of constant violence, and our cute little heroes aren’t immune to the dangers. The dangers include : Dogs, rats, traps, floods, cats, other totalitarian rabbits… pretty much everything on earth is out to mutilate the heroes of this movie. And when I say mutilate, I mean it. The amount of cute little bunny blood shed in this movie puts the first Robocop film to shame.

All the world will be your enemy, prince with a thousand enemies. When they catch you, they will kill you… but first they have to catch you!”

Strangely, this blurb from the original English version of the film was absent from the copy I found at Wal-Mart. Don’t get me wrong, Watership Down is a brilliant movie for adults!

For the love of God, don’t let a child gamble his/her sanity on a pretty DVD package.

Numba 2 – Heavy Metal (1981)

heavy metalSpeaking of movies for adults… You’re not likely to find this one mixed up with The Little Mermaid, but it does appear on late night TV sometimes. How do I know ? I stayed up late man! And what did my bloodshot eyes behold but SEX, DRUGS, and ROCK ‘N ROLL !!! WHOOOOT !!!

Taking a handful of violence and nudity-filled stories from Heavy Metal magazine and putting them on the big screen is not for kids, but it sure is fun for teenagers!

The Cautionary Part : The moment I witnessed elephant-nosed aliens snort cocaine off the deck of a spaceship, and listened to Black Sabbath blast “Mob Rules”, I knew I was now a man… A pimply, over-stimulated, vodka and heavy metal-craving, horny man.

Numba 1 – The Plague Dogs (1982)

plague dogsIf, like me, you own a dog, it doesn’t matter if you’re a child or an adult, you are going to be freakin traumatized by this movie. Plague Dogs was written by Richard Adams, as well as animated by the same folks that did Watership Down, so it’s no surprise that it contains a lot of the same violence and “survival of the fittest”-themes guaranteed to warm young heats.

Rowf and Snitter are two canine escapees from a lab in Britain where (we are graphically shown) animals are routinely cut into pieces and experimented on. The cute, yet doomed duo high tail it (sorry, bad pun) through the English countryside in search of a place to live without fear of vivisection. Too bad the evil humans are after ‘em with guns and helicopters, so the chase in on, be prepared for a rough ride. I hate giving away the endings to movies, but just in case you are ever point-blank questioned by a child about the über-depressing finale, I want you to be prepared… The dogs jump in the ocean and drown… Yeah, sorry.

Apparently there is a European version of this film floating around that contains additional graphic footage of our heroes eating the dead body of an enemy and accidentally shooting a hunter in the face. I’ll bet it’s available on Youtube if your interested, but I’m not going to look for it.

I’ve got to go hug my dog now. Much love.

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46 Responses to “Top Ten Worst Animated Movies For Kids”

  1. AvatarMar

    I still say Watership down is awesome. They chance upon a waren of rabits that are being farmed and have no problems with being fattened up to be eaten. there’s so much going on in there that you wouldn’t expect from rabits. Hazel’s muh hero, he should be yours too!

    ps. i stumbled here. anything else about me i should know about? ;)

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  2. AvatarStephie

    I absolutely LOVE The Secret Of Nimh!!!!
    And I’ve never heard of The Plague Dogs or The Devil and Daniel Mouse.

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  3. AvatarNani!?

    To some of these movies, I must repeat: NANI!? Seriously some of those movies sound terrifying (mainly speaking of course about Plague dogs and Watership down). I remember some of those movies myself, like the Transformers movie, which, despite the slaughter of autobots, I still think is great. Where else do you get to see a bunch of giant robots break in to dance to Weird Al? And I remember The Secret of Nimh, which was definitely one the freakiest movies I remember watching as a kid.

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  4. AvatarLarry "Liontamer" Oji

    I loved Watership Down but only saw the cartoon as an adult. I’d read the novel back in middle school, but had basically forgotten everything. So all the fights and threshers and whatnot had me whooping it up at the level of violence.

    I’d never heard of The Plague Dogs until reading this a couple of days ago, but now I’m glad I did! The ending in the cartoon (sad) is in stark contrast to the book (happy), so don’t feel too bad, y’all!

    Plus they both feature voice work from Sir Nigel Hawthorne (Yes, Minister/Yes, Prime Minister), taking them to another level of greatness by association. Now the Yes, Minister series, that’s some both good British nostalgia as well as the greatest, sharpest television series ever created. It’s still topical today. How ’bout a feature on that, Shawn? (Even if not, definitely watch it!)

    Larry “Liontamer” Oji
    Assistant Soundtrack Director, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
    Head Submissions Evaluator, OverClocked ReMix –
    Creator, VG Frequency –
    Staff, VGMdb –

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  5. AvatarAriel

    Dude, i just got finished watching plague dogs, and i KNEW that someone was going to say it was the number 1 most disturbing cartoon ever. They actually used diologe from this cartoon in ”Skinny Puppys”’ song , ”Testure” But yes, this movie was weird and gorie. The part where the hunter got shot in the face is leaving me in confusion. What is the chance of a dog stepping on a trigger and shooting guy in the face? Was it for shock factor?

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  6. AvatarKarma


    This list absolutely sucks beyond reproach.

    Never mind that you actually put Heavy Metal, and The Plague Dogs… two films NEVER intended for children on a list of “Kid’s Films”, but seriously?? All Dogs Go To Heaven? Secret Of Nimh? Transformers: The Animated Movie?

    To even put these on a list of top 100 worst ANYTHING, buys you a one way ticket to FAILtopia. Population: You.

    Please get hit by a car, and leave the blogging and list making to people that actually are halfway competent at doing so. K?

    Reply to this comment.
  7. AvatarSam Kelly

    I saw most of these as a child, some when I was in my teens. Both Plague Dogs & Watership down were two of my favorites. Plague Dogs is still one of the saddest movies ever. I’m 36 and I still tear up thinking about it.

    Honestly though, I think those two movies are great for kids, but maybe I’m fucked in the head or maybe everyone else is. My kids are going to watch these movies as well. Better that than marketing in cartoon guise.

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  8. AvatarSamuel

    Obviously deservadly Heavy Metal, Watership Down, and PLague dogs dominate this list. PLague dogs, #1 is the only one of the movies I didn’t see all the way through. I wasn’t too big on drowning dogs.
    But Ralph Bakshi should be dominating this list too.
    Skip wizards, and insert Coonskins and FRitz the Cat, which are probably event more inappropriate then Watership down.
    If anyone wants to contests this, both movies can be found online.

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  9. AvatarCharles H. Westgate III

    The most worst movies since All Dogs go to Heaven (1989) was a movie cross between All Dogs go to Heaven meets White Fang was Balto (1995) and it’s two worst sequrals, Balto 2: Wolf Quest (2000) and Balto 3: Wings of Change! (2004) Because it’s become a phooey when Toy Story become a best hit in 1995! And this movie and it’s sequrals of the movie was left behind sadly and jerted by Universal Studio who can’t make no more! And because there always a real story of Balto they’ve making it by written a books and I was written a book!

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  10. AvatarAmii_Wu

    Hi just read your top 10 worst movies for kids, and I have to say I think you have ommitted one classic. It was a version of the Little Mermaid that was probably released before Disney got their paws on it. In the film Ariel is topless, blonde and trys to stab her parents to death. The sea witch is far scarier, and in the end our little heroine commits suicide and turns into foamy wave thingies. Perhaps this is where ‘Matey’ bubble bath comes from. Anyway, Im about to go scouting for it now on the tinterweb. Cool list though!

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  11. AvatarJ_Brisby

    Yeah, the other version of Plague Dogs definitely exists. I remember the scene where a hunter gets shot in the face.

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  12. Avatartaylor boy

    Just got through watching Plague Dogs on youtube. Man. If you thought the infamous hunter scene from Bambi was too much, DO NOT watch thiS movie.

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  13. AvatarMatthias Pfeifer

    Well, Richard Adams itself pointed out that Watership down, is NOT a story for childs :)

    Of course, the Books are still harder (dialogues, violence). The movie is in germany available for kids from 6y (FSK 6) and that is strange.

    Reply to this comment.
  14. Avatarkali.

    Ya some of thoes are right but secret of nimh , The Black Cauldron and all dogs go to heaven? Those are pretty good kid movies i watched them all the time when i was little this seams based more on a personal point of view then ya . but black Cauldron so~so matters on the kid but i liked that one to when i was lil and other kids i know…oh well good list tho

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  15. AvatarSpace Buddies hater


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  16. Avatarladymerelda

    the movie the Bear.
    that is the WEIRDEST movie for kids. I watched it constantly (along with BeastMaster ha thats a whole nother weird story tho)
    the Bear has almost no speaking parts, it starts out following a young grizzly bear after a GIANT rock falls on his mother’s head and KILLS her. He then wanders along, befriends an older male grizzly that hunters are after, and so the fun begins.

    favorite part in the movie is where the little bear eats a “magic” mushroom and trips out.

    that movie for sure messed me up! =)

    you MUST WATCH IT! its amazing!

    Reply to this comment.
  17. AvatarMara

    Well… the thing is you have to let kids deal with issues like death. Most of these movies were based on books that are reading level third or fourth grade.

    If you want to shelter your kids from tough realities; fine.

    But that doesn’t make these “bad” films.

    A “bad” film is Battlefield Earth.

    Maybe if you called this the Top Ten Traumatizing Nostalgia Cartoons?

    Maybe. I see your point, but that’s like not letting your kid read Ender’s Game, or Charlotte’s Web.

    Shit happens. Kids have to learn to deal with it.

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  18. AvatarMel. Star

    I guess the moral of the story is – some kids can handle some issues better than others. There seems to be a common theme of death in these 10 movies. It makes some kids uncomfortable. Other kids, like me, didn’t really give it a second thought. They stabbed Meleficent in the heart with a sword in Sleeping Beauty and I didn’t bat an eye. They crushed the evil queen in Snow White with a 20 ton rock after she fell off of a cliff. Next.

    There were other kids who were crying.

    The Hunchback of Notre Dame came out when I was 10, and I loved it (not because it kept well with the book, because we all know it did not) but because it was different and in a lot of ways went against the tired Disney formula. It’s still one of my favorite Disney movies.

    I also watched All Dogs go to Heaven when I was six and wasn’t effected one way or the other. I’ve grown out of and away from the movie, but I remember really liking it.

    I think parents/adults see something is animated and automatically think it’s aimed at kids, regardless of the rating (i.e. 95% of Japanese anime). Then they just unleash it on their kids.

    This never ends well.

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  19. AvatarKarma_Is_A_Bitch

    Transformers: the Movie was the first time an animated film freaked me out. It wasn’t just the killing of my favorite characters (damn near ALL of them, for those who haven’t seen it) but the fact that it happened in the first half hour or less. It was like the decepticons, who were noted for accuracy-of-fire somewhat worse than the A-Team, decided that the new plan would be “Aim.” The scene where Ratchet’s eyes turn red and the smoke starts pouring from his mouth like robotic blood was just brutal when I was a kid, and Optimus’s death was the first movie death to affect me. Seriously, watch a few old episodes, then switch to the movie, and understand how brutal this was to a kid who’d grown to love these characters… which is also why this movie is so classic to me. Cheers!

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  20. AvatarSophie

    I love watership down. Its a bit traumatizing but i <3 bigwig.

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  21. AvatarBritney Stairs

    Okay, i am so freakin tired of people saying that the Hunchback of Notre Dame is a bad movie 4 kids!!! its my fave movie of all time, and my 8 year old sis loves it too. Plus, if your kid is sad about the ending, get the dang sequel! He gets a girl named Madeline, played by the marvelous jennifer love hewitt. though the sequel is not as good as the first, it is great! And most kids dont get the song that frollo sings anyway.

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  22. AvatarAlly

    What about When the Wind Blows?
    It details the effects of a neuclear attack on an elderly couple in a humorous yet disturbing way.

    Reply to this comment.
  23. AvatarLindsay

    I don’t know, some family friends showed me and my sister “The Brave Little Toaster”…Not sure which was worse, the cars getting crushed to death as they reminisce about their glory days, or the appliance store owner who laughs evilly as he wields dripping forceps over our helpless alarm clock friend.I didn’t sleep for weeks after that.

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  24. Avatarjeff

    You are a tasteless moron! These are some of the greatest animated films of all time! Just because your mom dropped you on your head as a baby doesn’t give you the right to trash great art and our childhood!

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  25. AvatarNeil Dunsmore

    Okay, I think a lot of people here are misinterpreting what this list is about, and heck, maybe I’m the one who’s wrong here. I don’t see this as a list bashing these films so much as it’s saying they’re inappropriate for children but could still be enjoyed by adults without the need for kids as an excuse to watch it. Anyway, here are my thoughts on each:

    10) This whole thing was just one big oil bath. It had to be on here.
    9) This was also Bluth’s most well-written (And yet American Tail’s my favorite, fancy that) and I often like to think it was made for adults as opposed to young kids. I think the only reason it was rated G was because any movie that had no inappropriate language our drug references around that time had to be given a G rating.
    8) It was rated PG for a reason folks. I still consider this one of Disney’s most underrated.
    7) Honestly, this one wasn’t all that inappropriate. Sure, it had spirits and the devil, but to be honest, I didn’t find any of them all that creepy.
    6) Disney’s most underrated hands-down! I love this film as it takes its audience very seriously, and while the ending does get across a rather bad moral about appearances, I like how different it is. It’s not often that you don’t see the main character end up with the girl. Also, it gets across one good message: That you don’t need a wife to enjoy life to its fullest. I’m not saying people shouldn’t fall in love. Heck, it’s part of the reason we exist, but not everyone in the world needs it.
    5) Yeah, it shouldn’t be a mystery to anyone that anything by Ralph was intended for adults.
    4) Ah yes, this one’s far more controversial than NIMH and that’s why I love it so much.
    3) A work of art if I say so myself. Also, I’ve never considered this a kid’s movie, but the fact that PG-13 didn’t exist back then can be misleading.
    2) Again, obvious.
    1) I wanna see this one so badly!

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  26. AvatarMadeleine

    I love “disturbing” animated movies. They’re kind of a contradictory art form. I mean, also, it’s dumb to think that any animated movie is for children. VERY dumb. The Plague Dogs, Felidae (Not here, but also not for kids.), and Watership Down are coined together as being three of the most disturbing animated movies. I love them all. I personally think Felidae is the worst of the three for kids, because the dark tones in Plague Dogs go over their heads anyways, and even though Watership Down has blood, it’s not necessarily is “disturbing” as the rest, just bloody. Felidae is brutal. Cat sex. Graphic images of unborn cat fetuses that have been ripped out of the pregnant mother. Graphic nightmares. Horrible organ-ripping-out scene. And yet one of my favorites.

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  27. AvatarER

    What about Feale?

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  28. Avatarxplodingpenguin

    is it wrong that i find the gentleman in the picture at the top to be eerily soothing?

    Reply to this comment.
  29. AvatarXtreme Kiwi

    oh hell no!you do not mess with All Dogs Go To Heavan!!!!its like one of my fave dog movies!!for some kids like myself and a few others i know it kind of helps us believe our beloved pets have somewhere to go after they die!!not trying to push my beliefs or anything just saying its a really cute and sweet movie!

    Reply to this comment.
  30. AvatarKatie M

    Hi just read your top 10 worst movies for kids, and I have to say I think you have ommitted one classic. It was a version of the Little Mermaid that was probably released before Disney got their paws on it. In the film Ariel is topless, blonde and trys to stab her parents to death. The sea witch is far scarier, and in the end our little heroine commits suicide and turns into foamy wave thingies. Perhaps this is where ‘Matey’ bubble bath comes from. Anyway, Im about to go scouting for it now on the tinterweb. Cool list though!

    The movie that you are talking about is a movie in a line of classic fairy tale movies that are retold. It’s called Shelley Duvall’s Faerie Tale Theatre. I watched all of them as a kid, and I can understand how certain parts would be scary for children. If you think The Little Mermaid is bad, watch Rapunzel! Rapunzel’s mother gouges out the prince’s eyes and with blood dripping down his face, he wanders the earth searching for Rapunzel. It’s very weird and somewhat disturbing, but it does give me a weird feeling when I watch them now because I’ve seen them as a kid. Here’s the link for the complete collection available on amazon. They are also available to watch instantly on Netflix!

    Reply to this comment.
  31. AvatarAndrea

    I Disagree with movies that were directed by don bluth they’re not horrible movies 4 children they were just misundertood, i watch all dogs go to heaven whe I was a child , and I have to say it’s my favorite animated movie from all the times. a movie that scared the shit out of me was : Professor Ichabod from disney (im not sure if that is the real name of the movie) but maybe some childs (like me) needed those dark movies because other predictable and happy-ended movies just became really bored.
    in the case of watership down and plague dogs, I really think those were NOT FOR CHILDS they brought a deeper message and decide to use animation to bring that message to people, anyway you just remind me movies that I loved over the years.

    Reply to this comment.
  32. AvatarFennecus

    It doesn’t matter how you would think otherwise. The Lion King will always be the worst piece of garbage animated movie ever made. Shame that it’s not on this list, because I tell you something, It’s overrated and I wish everyone would open their minds and stop treating it like a religion.

    Reply to this comment.
  33. AvatarJman

    What about The Last Unicorn. I remember that movie freaking me out as a kid just as much as Watership Down. Both great movies, but a little freaky. And in the same vein The Lord of the Rings animated movie is seriously freaky and unfortunately unfinished.

    Reply to this comment.
  34. AvatarE

    The Swan Princess III. Worst ever!

    Reply to this comment.
  35. AvatarItty-Bitty

    Well, I know the movies on this list that I saw as a child certainly traumatized me! i.e., All Dogs Go To Heaven (really, disney? The Hell scene was WAAAAY too graphic for any child!) and Watership Down (Blood and violence should never be in a 12 & under movie). But then again, the Batman cartoons scared the crap outta me, too. And I’m still unable to watch horror flicks with my hubby and still sleep good at night. I can’t remember details, but there was a Snow White Sequel I saw, too, that was pretty dark.

    Reply to this comment.
  36. AvatarDenise

    I’m surprised no one had mentioned the most perverse of all animated movies, The Last Unicorn. I saw it at a sleepover when I was seven, it was very disturbing! Had an equally disturbing cheesy theme song too , anyone remember this one?

    Reply to this comment.
  37. Avatarwtf?

    you guys are crazy almost all these movies i saw when i was a kid and i loved them i just warent retarded so i understood that they meant it was wrong to bully people because of how they look for example.and esmeralda motherfu**ing kissed him wtf?
    how did you come to the coclusion that the ugly ones never get the girl?thank god 4 oldschool cartoons like this todays shit is completley retarded and they all say the same bullshit

    Reply to this comment.
  38. Avatardragongirl

    Dude, you can’t be serious, these are some of the best animated movies ever! You really need to get your bearings straight. I admit I don’t know all the titles you listed here, but over half the movies you put down here, don’t belong there at all.
    Okay first of all, Secret of Nimh, this is one of Don Bluth’s absolute classics. I admit the plot is not really what you would expect of a kid’s movie, but it’s a great tale. It had a very dark complex and cool story and gave us a great hero to boot.
    Next up, Hunchback of Notredame. This is also one of the great movies to come out of the Disney Renessaince. It’s also very dark and epic, but it’s still a kids movie. They had to make some changes here and there. That’s why I am also okay with the sidekicks. And they couldn’t let it end like the original book, were basically, I don’t know. Oh yeah right, half the cast was dead at the end!
    Than we got Watership Down, which is in my opinion one of the best animated movies ever produced. It’s just for me not necessarily a children’s movie.
    And also All Dogs go to Heaven is a very good movie, even if it’s a little bit darker in tune.
    And I think that’s the issue here, a lot of these movies have elements in them that you wouldn’t expect in a kids movie or that or not kid friendly. Secondly, the story lines can sometimes be very hard for children to follow. But just because the tone of some of those movies is somewhat darker or more complex doesn’t mean they are bad movies at all. Hunchback of Notredame is one of my favourite movies and I saw Secret of Nimh and Watership Down when I was like 8 and I thought they were absolutely cool.
    Okay, than you got movies like the Black Cauldron there and Transformers, the Movie. They aren’t that good, but they aren’t that bad either.
    I also have seen and read many things about your number one, and I also have to say again it’s not a kids movie but one I think could make for a quite interesting story. I don’t know the other titles you have here, but also the movie with the mouse sounds interesting. I can’t saw anything about the movie with the girl riding that bird. But I have to say I am going with you as far as this movie “Wizard” is concerned, the plot sounds just ridicolous…but otherwise…I can’t understand why you panned so many classics here! Sorry, but I don’t agree with you at all! Try watching movies like Titanic: The Legend Goes on! Than you know, what a really bad animated movie is!

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  39. AvatarYgbuguybbguy

    Wow you missed, what’s it called? The grave of the fireflies, that made me cry and also In the anime evangalion its ending was much blood shed, all of your beloved characters reviewed psychological breakdowns, Oh ya and I’ve seen anime with flying pantyS

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  40. AvatarLai-Lai

    I loved Secret of Nymh & Heavy Metal as a kid, but I’m also eccentric with a dark sense of humor.

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  41. AvatarGiant

    How can you make such a list without including the following horrifying, kid mind-warping freakfests? I’m talking about:

    Fantastic Planet – where giant freaky blue aliens keep humans as pets, and the wild ones get eaten by bizzare creatures

    The Mouse and His Child – A psychedelic hell filled with philosophical toys and sadistic rats

    The Raggedy Ann and Andy Movie – Swore me off sweets for at least a week (forever for a child)

    Jack and the Beanstalk – You haven’t been messed with until you’ve seen what the Japanese can do to this classic story.

    Of course, they were all awesome! Now off to watch Plague Dogs for the first time… thanks for the recommend!

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  42. AvatarAmanda

    I don’t know, some family friends showed me and my sister “The Brave Little Toaster”…Not sure which was worse, the cars getting crushed to death as they reminisce about their glory days, or the appliance store owner who laughs evilly as he wields dripping forceps over our helpless alarm clock friend.I didn’t sleep for weeks after that.

    I second “The Brave Little Toaster”. The nightmare sequence with the evil clown scared me senseless as a kid. The sequence where the cars get crushed is traumatizing, too.

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  43. AvatarSebboh

    You should also understand that animated films are not just for kids. Animated films are for a general audience, and are a beautiful art form made for everyone, kids & adults. Adults and parents should take mind in what they are letting their children watch anyway. But most of these films are classic stories that wanted to be expressed in a different art form. Animation is a long and tedious process, and there’s a LOT into making a film- character designs, acting, background designs, then the long process of creating it to be believable.

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  44. AvatarHelena

    Umm…I dont think Hunchback of Notre dame is a bad movie even though it’s not really for little kids but my son Geromy is 5 and he ADORES that movie not only because there aren’t any sickly disney princesses but Quasimodo is ‘cool’ to him and he’s got LITERALLY every single franchise of it, even my daughter Paula loves the movie and I dont find it VERY disturbing (although I have to agree some of the scenes of Frollo really made me uncomfortable)

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  45. AvatarHoosgow

    It doesn’t matter how you would think otherwise. The Lion King will always be the worst piece of garbage animated movie ever made.

    The idea for the movie was also stolen. The original TLK movie was supposed to be a re-make of Kimba the White Lion. But the Kimba people said no. Disney responded with ‘were a bigger company, screw you were still doing the story.’ Changed his name to Simba, colored him, and continued forward. But there are so many mirror-image scenes between the two films and almost every character is identical between them….its sad Disney could get away with this just because their rich.

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  46. AvatarHoosgow

    All of these films I have either never herd of or loved as a child. Secret of NIMH being one of them. Actually I’ve yet to see a movie (Other than Land Before Time) that has topped it. Those two are still my all time favorite animated films and in 20 years have yet to be de-throned. Quality doesnt seem to exist today.

    Anyways it definitely depends on the watcher. I remember at 8 years old bringing Secret of NIMH to a friends house. The moment she saw Nicodemus we had to stop the movie because she got really frightened. I remember thinking ‘what a baby.’ lol. Then again, I was on my 2nd or 3rd version of Call of the Wild, and anyone who has read Jack London knows his books are not always for the feint of heart.

    All Dogs Go to Heaven is a classic, just like nearly all of Don Bluth’s films. I’m so sad you didnt like that movie! I feel like you missed out on the experience. Plague Dogs, and Watership Down I saw at a later age, but loved them still. Though Plague Dogs made me bawl my eyes out.

    Hunchback I’m surprised. That movie was more boring than scary! The only thing I found creepy was the Priest/Church leader whatever’s fascination/lust for the Gypsy lady.

    The Black Couldrin Sucks.

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